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Livestrong T1x Treadmill

The Livestrong T1x treadmill, and its sibling the T1xe, are designed for professional use.

The deck is a very spacious 20 inches by 60 inches wide and incorporates a commercial quality shock absorption system and will provide 25,000 miles of usage before there is any need for lubrication.

Power is provided by a 3hp motor and the drive mechanism automatically adjusts itself to the runners foot fall.

The display is simple with a very large readout and the Livestrong kept things simple and with six workout programs did not overburden the treadmill with excessive programs.

As should be expected, there are both hand grips and wireless heart rate tracking as well as 2 water bottle holders and accessory tray.

Warranty on the frame and motor is 5 years, while it is 3 years on parts and labor. Not quite commercial level but plenty for home use.

No one really needs that much treadmill for home use but if you have the money and you want excellence, the Livestrong T1x treadmill is an excellent alternative to a Precor or Landice.

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