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Horizon Treadmill Reviews

Elliptical review guide has created an extensive list of Horizon FitnessElliptical reviews.

Horizon offers one of the largest ranges of exercise equipment in the industry, including elliptical trainers, treadmills and exercise bikes.

Their products typically target the budget conscious customer, almost all selling under $100.

Nonetheless, their reputation is good and Horizon ellipticals should be a consideration when looking for an affordable unit.

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Horizon - Evolve SG Treadmill
The Horizon Evolve SG treadmill was designed for walkers and joggers. With the running a ...

Horizon - Evolve Treadmill
If you are a runner, you don’t need to read on, the Horizon Fitness Evolve treadmill is ...

Horizon - T100 Treadmill
The Horizon T100 treadmill is a smaller, folding treadmill with a running deck of 52”, f ...

Horizon - T101 Treadmill
The Horizon T101, like all budget treadmills, makes compromises to keep prices low. ...

Horizon - T202 Treadmill
The Horizon T202 treadmill is a folding, lift assisted model with solid features for its ...

Horizon - T203 Treadmill
The Horizon T203 treadmill combines a number of features rarely found on a treadmill in ...

Horizon - GS1040T Treadmill
The Horizon GS1040T Treadmill would be a good choice for walking and jogging and offers ex ...

Horizon - LS780T Treadmill
The Horizon LS780T Treadmill should be considered by those looking for an affordable walki ...

Horizon - T1201 Treadmill
The Horizon T1201 treadmill integrates a number of solid features into a reasonably priced ...

Horizon - T71 Treadmill
The Horizon T71 treadmill best feature is the hydraulic assist which lets you fold the mac ...

Horizon - T901 Treadmill
Horizon has done a very good job with the T901 treadmill, incorporating quality and featur ...

Horizon - T91 Treadmill
The Horizon T91 Treadmill is a folding model that is more affordably priced (around $600 ...

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