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Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill

The Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill with TV is as fully loaded as a treadmill can possibly be.

A 64 inch deck with optional settings for the surface, 4 HP motor, 12 MPH top speed, 15 pct incline and 400 lbs maximum user weight are all outstanding.

Touch controls on the side rails, 2 ways to monitor heart rate round and plenty of different training programs round off the Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill.

Of course, the cherry on top is the 10.5 inch TV.

As for warranty on the Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill, the only thing without a lifetime warranty is labor where you get 2 years.

Does the Smooth 9.65TV Treadmill do anything that a top treadmill at half the price cannot do? No, but neither does a Mercedes and people still buy them over lesser priced cars.

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