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Maintaining your treadmill

Taking care of your treadmill makes sense not just because it has potentially cost you anywhere from a few hundred up to several thousand dollars, but because a little TLC will greatly extend the usable life of the treadmill as well as making each use more enjoyable.

Make the effort to wipe the treadmill down after each use. It may be your own sweat and grime that accumulates, but that doesn’t matter to the bacteria and rust that can develop over time. The easiest way to accomplish this is to keep a roll of paper towels and a general house hold cleaner next to the treadmill.

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Once a week, when you are running the sweeper anyway (Yes, you should vacuum once a week) don’t forget the area around the treadmill. This is even more important if you alternate running on the treadmill with running outdoors and are not careful about cleaning outdoor dirt from the soles of the running shoes.

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Once a month, you want to tighten nuts and bolts, especially those that were part of assembling the treadmill. Running on a treadmill creates a lot of vibration and over time anything bolted together can become loose. This is also a good time to check that the running belt on the treadmill is centered properly, if not follow the instructions in the manual.

Electrical motors don’t like to be covered in dust, so once a year, after unplugging the treadmill (no, turning it off is not enough) remove the engine cover and give it a good though gentle vacuuming.

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This is also the longest the treadmill belt should go without being lubricated and most treadmills should be lubricated more often especially if used heavily. Some treadmills will actually remind you based on mileage while others require you to follow guidelines in the manual.

You can find lubricant for treadmill belts at any store that sells treadmills and of course on that big mall in the cloud, Amazon.com has dozens of choices and they are all pretty much the same.