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Marathon training and the treadmill

Training for a marathon requires many hours of running each week with long runs of 20 miles or more and heading outdoors is the natural inclination, while using a treadmill seems quite inadequate.

The reality is that running outside can present major challenges that can be addressed by running indoors. For runners in northern climates, running in the cold can be dealt with proper clothing and a hardy attitude, but nobody enjoys running in winter slush or on frozen, slippery roads that can be a serious threat to your health. So instead, head indoors to the treadmill.

The Livestrong LS13.0 treadmill is excellent for serious running with its 60 inch deck.

The first thing is to deal with the inevitable boredom that comes from running in place on a treadmill for several hours. Some people make do with listening to music, but nothing makes the time pass faster than watching TV. Flat screen TV’s can be had for under $200 these days and if your treadmill is close to a front wall, a TV as s mall as 18 inches works fine. Make sure to get a wall mount that tilts, so that the TV can be adjusted to the treadmill user’s height and optimal viewing angle.

The Smooth 6.75 treadmill also has a 60 inch running deck, great for serious runners

For shorter runs, the treadmill actually offers real advantages. With the treadmill giving you accurate and real time feedback on pace and heart rate makes it possible to follow a training plan in great detail.

Using the programs of the treadmill is also a great way to add variety. Instead of running for an hour at a steady pace, use an interval program or go for a hill run.

When it comes to the marathon, the treadmill can definitely be part of your training.