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Smooth Treadmills

After initially starting out as a retailer in the 1980’s, Smooth was the first to recognize the opportunity of the internet and today 90pct of all their treadmills are sold directly to the consumer.

All Smooth Treadmills are here

Without the middleman markup, Smooth treadmills offer very good value. Incidentally, without the existence of retailers in the buyers state, a Smooth treadmill is typically not subject to state sales taxes.

Smooth treadmills also come with what might be the strongest warranty in the industry as well as an unconditional 60 day return policy.

Smooth treadmills come both as folding as well as non-folding types. With 4 folding models, the Smooth 5.65 is the entry level model at $895 while the most expensive model, the Smooth 8.35 treadmill is $1,595.

The Smooth 7.35 Treadmill is an excellent value

There are 3 non-folding treadmills, with the Smooth 9.65TV being the most expensive at $1.995, has enormous 64 inch long running deck and a built-in TV, quite impressive for under $2K.