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Sole Treadmills

Sole treadmills are tested in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the hotel gym and the company has long been the provider of choice for such hotel chains as Hilton.

Sole Treadmills with Reviews

Not surprisingly, Sole treadmills are consistently sturdy, comfortable and long lasting and are covered with an excellent warranty.

On the other hand, Sole treadmills are not burdened with a lot of electronic bells whistles, typically an area for future problems.

Sole treadmills are available as both folding and non-folding models, with a very simple model structure, the bigger the number the more expensive.

The F65 treadmill selling for $999 is an excellent value, as is the non-folding S73 at $1,699.

The Sole F65

The Sole S73

If you are looking for a high quality, dependable treadmill with superior performance and that will last a very long time, Sole definitely deserves consideration.